Jumat, 07 Oktober 2011

Ca Cuciwis

cuciwis is one of my favorite vegetables, crisp taste that makes me love it especially when eaten with  'sambal terasi' .... yummy .....

Cuciwis is called kol mini because they are the upperside of the cabbage which is usually found in  accidentally discarded trunk of cabbage for proper growth. Greenish color, flavor and texture is similar to ordinary cabbage leaves, usually sold in plastic bag at the supermarket. Before processing, clean or dispose the old leaf sheath and cook with boiled/hot water. Cuciwis is delicious for tumis or lalapan ^_^

200 grams cuciwis (cook with boiled /hot water)
3 pcs garlic
2 pcs onions 
2 pcs red chilli
oyster sauce, soy sauce, salt and sugar

Heat oil and  put garlic, onions, red chilli until fragrant.
Enter cuciwis, stirring until blended.
Add oyster sauce, salt and sugar.
Lift and Serve.

This is it.... Ca Cuciwis 

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