Sabtu, 25 Juni 2011

Oatmeal Cinnamon Cookies

So addicted to make healthy cookies… I really want to try the cookie cutter that only had been used to make a bread mold. Yesterday I saw cece’s mom n niken’s posting when they made cookies. They really motivates me to make cookies too, not to mention that haura got addicted to play in the kitchen also.

Considering that I have no recipe book for baking cookies, I surf the internet to find a good one, which took me all night long to find.

I finally found one, modify it a little, and improvise with the ingredients. I mixed the flour with the oatmeal flour since I have no wheat flour in my house. I also skipped baking powder n milk powder from the ingredients, and the result is delicious too. it is crunchy, and it tastes like it was made from coconut. It’s better to make your own cookies rather than buy in the supermarket, since this cookies are food additives-and-preservative-free…

Ingredients :
150 gram unsalted butter 
150 gram margarine
200 gram tepung terigu protein sedang
100 gram tepung oatmeal
    2 kuning telur ayam kampung
  25 gram tepung maizena
150 gram gula halus (berhubung stock habis, diganti dengan gula kastor)
1.5  sdt bubuk kayu manis

Directions :
- Aduk butter, margarine, gula halus dengan spatula / mixer kecepatan sedang sebentar saja agar rata
- Lalu masukkan kuning telur dan aduk rata
- Masukkan bubuk kayu manis dan aduk rata
- Masukkan tepung-tepungan aduk sampai siap cetak 

Haura is delighted, she went to the kitchen again n again to grab the cookies even when it is still in the pan and hot. I feel happy too, finally I’m able to make healthy snacks for my Haura

2 komentar:

  1. catet resepnya...
    nyontek yah Juleeeeee :D

  2. Hmm... enaaak...
    Kebetulan sekali baru saja kemarin baca resepnya di booklet Blue Band. Coba dulu, ah. Tapi salted butternya diganti yang biasa saja soalnya ribet harus keluar kota tuk beli.
    Makasih ya mbak.